“CHAOS” is a Harbinger Not a Nickname

James Mattis, “Patron Saint of CHAOS” Jim Mattis isn’t “Mad Dog” as he became popularly known in marine circles, but CHAOS: “Colonel Has An Outstanding Suggestion”. In the marine corps, he is the ‘patron saint of chaos’ and a bona fide cult of personality. Marines love him, and he, to his credit, loves marines. He’s Continue reading “CHAOS” is a Harbinger Not a Nickname

Syria and Trump’s Pull-Out Method

In a move guaranteed to get precisely none of the due applaud from respectable opinion molders, President Trump has ordered the full removal of all US troops from Syria within 30 days. In an age when victory in war can simply be asserted on Twitter by nation’s presidents and no metrics for actually winning could Continue reading Syria and Trump’s Pull-Out Method

Emmanuel Macron: Hope or Fear

Former President Barack Obama took to video to speak to his “friends in France” about the violence over the past month and about President Macron. I’m not entirely sure I have a ton in common ideologically with those in yellow vests demanding relatively moderate reform by burning trash cans and flipping cars, but I have Continue reading Emmanuel Macron: Hope or Fear

White Coat Cartel : The Malfeasance of Centralized Medical Licensing

Abstract: The question over the validity of centralized medical occupational licensing isn’t exactly at a fever pitch in modern America’s dialectic, nevertheless, it warrants rehashing whenever possible. Though presumably well-intentioned by the various contemporary participants, medical licensing and its expansion has often been the result of mundane, droning political inertia, whose ripples touch every hospital Continue reading White Coat Cartel : The Malfeasance of Centralized Medical Licensing